Maintenance Request

Maintenance requests can be completed through your online tenant portal or by calling the Hidden Creek Management 24/7 maintenance line at (828)-229-7122. We encourage you to put all routine requests in writing using your tenant portal. Please be specific and provide as much detail about the problem as possible (including uploading pictures if applicable). Providing photos helps us to efficiently assign appropriate vendors to your issue.

For emergency requests, please call our 24/7 maintenance line at: 828-229-7122.

Please understand that in certain maintenance scenarios, a vendor will not be able to assess and make immediate repairs. For example, leaking roofs cannot be checked or repaired while it is raining, water intrusions cannot be remedied during active flooding, and frozen pipes cannot be thawed while temperatures are below freezing.

Residents will be charged for maintenance calls that are due to negligence, unnecessary calls, or missed appointments. Examples of negligence calls include clogged drains, clogged toilets, jammed garbage disposals, etc.

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